From a Hobby to a Brand

Aromatic Joy is a home based candle company that was founded in Memphis, TN. My undying love for beautifully scented candles was the genesis of a hobby that quickly became my business.

My hand-poured candles are made with a custom coconut wax blend and premium, toxic-free fragrance oils. My candles are hand-crafted in small batches and are double wicked, which decreases the time to enjoy a lovely hot throw.

The warm ambience of my double wicked candles are crafted with your relaxation and sense of peace in mind.

Aromatic Pleasantries

My hand-crafted products are specially formulated to please your senses with beautiful, long-lasting scents.

  • Best Selling Candle - Grey Sweatpants

    Grey Sweatpants has been our best selling candle since we debuted it in our 2021 Fall Collection. It's sexy, masculine woody scent is intoxicatingly pleasant that smells like the perfect gentleman.

    Grey Sweatpants 
  • Best Selling Massage Candle - Cool & Relaxed

    Our massage candles are a hit! These unique candles double as a moisturizing massage oil as the flame warms the wax. Once you have a melt-pool, just blow out the flame, pour the warm oil on the skin, and gently massage. We offer 2 captivating scents: Cool & Relaxed (Eucalyptus & Mint) and Spa Day (White Tea).

    Cool & Relaxed Massage Candle 
  • Wax Melts

    Wax melts are an inexpensive way to experience an array of scents. Our melts are made with a coconut tart wax that's formulated to hold more fragrance oil compared to other waxes, which releases a heavier scent that is long-lasting.

    Wax Melts 
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Our Products

  • Grey Sweatpants Body Mist

    Your favorite candle is now your favorite body mist. Experience this blissfully mature aroma on-the-go as you go to work, run errands, or just to relax. Also available in a concentrated, travel cologne spray

    Grey Sweatpants Body Mist 
  • My Personal Fav - Green Tea & Willow

    If anyone were to ask, my personal favorite scent is Green Tea & Willow. This clean, crisp, and airy scent is remembrance of a mild Spring afternoon.

    Green Tea & Willow 
  • My Favorite Perfume - Dark Kiss

    Powerfully feminine and sexy. This concentrated travel perfume spray is our personal favorite...a little goes a long way. Also available in a body mist

    Dark Kiss Perfume